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About Me

24 Years of Experience

First I was an accountant. I loved the spreadsheets, formulas and right answers. But it wasn’t enough for my creative side. I wanted something where I could show a bit of flair.

So I became a Policy Officer just after the birth of the Scottish Parliament. I created strategies for social inclusion, partnerships for community safety and action plans for increased childcare. But it wasn’t enough for my active side. I wanted something where I could show a bit of drive.

I transferred into business improvement. Doing best value reviews, facilitating workshops and reporting on performance. But it wasn’t enough for my doing side. I wanted a role where I could really make things change.


With promotion came the chance to be a Head of Exchequer Services. I could lead, I could manage, I could do. It kept me motivated and focussed for a few years. But it wasn’t enough; I wanted something to fuel my passion.

And then it happened.

I was given the lead for procurement.

I fell in love.

Procurious Big Idea 2017
Procurious Big Idea 2016
Purcurious Big Idea 2015
Helen & Chris Browne CPO, World Bank

Building a strong network of contacts within the procurement profession has been an important objective for me to build expertise and understanding the challenges we all face.

I achieve this by connecting on line and then meeting people in person whenever I can. I actively engage in the annual London Big Ideas Summit hosted by Procurious which has meant I've been able to strengthen connections across the world.

I particularly enjoyed spending time with Christopher Browne, Chief Procurement Officer of the World Bank; we exchanged experience of trying to unleash the power of public procurement and how it can be used to promote a more sustainable approach.

Visionary - Leading - Challenging - Transforming


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